Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love to decorate with vintage finds- My sunroom

Just love my little easel, I bought it because I loved it, but my grandson does use it and we draw Barney on it all the time.  I've been finding these great red tins, I have my plastic cutlery in one, paper plates, close by for barbecues. 

The hanging lamp over the table I made myself.  The shade I found in a wonderful little shed in Canada.  My husband couldn't believe I bought it.  I added beaded trim to the bottom and the light and it was perfect. 

The buffet was my aunt's, pieces of veneer were missing on the sides.  I really still wanted it to have a stained wood look, so I painted it orange first then I used a brown over it and gave it a wood grained look.  The doors were damaged so I made cute curtains- to hide things.  The wine rack never ends up with wine in it so I started putting my magazines in there.  I am very practical with my decorating.

I love my D.M. Ferry & Co Seed poster, a treasure of mine.  It hangs over my little wet bar.
I'm enjoying sharing these things, it's like a little journal for me.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some flea market style in my home

My hubby finds wonderful things on his jobs sometimes.  It's funny he says "Look in the garage" I get so excited because he has a good eye, knows what I like.

I had these shutters up in the attic for yrs. before we used them.  They make great doors for our 1/2 bath and I loved when I found the old draw pulls for the handles.  Together hubby and I made the cute vanity. I use suction hooks to hang my necklaces off my old mirror.
And this wonderful little thing is my grandson Braydon.  He discovered this position just recently.
Tooooo cute!
Have a great weekend, Enjoy!!