Thursday, March 15, 2012

Very lucky...and blessed!

We are very lucky to be able to take our adult children on a wonderful vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  And fortunate enough that we all get along so great we want to go on vacation together.  We are also taking our 2yr old grandson and my parents are coming, who we also love and enjoy to be on vacation with.  We have always gone on vacation with my parents ever since the kids were little.  Yes we are truly blessed!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some New Finds

Not exactly new, but was a nice find it was very hard to let go of.  Oh well can't keep everything.

This was a great find.  I used some Howard's restore and it came out really nice.  Beautiful piece!  White would even look better, but if it doesn't need it, I don't need another project.
Just finished this, came out nice.  Great piece for the right person.
These a the next project.  I think they look cool as they are!  There a bit rough, so I'll get some paint on there and.....scuff them up again....not so much this time.
This next piece is one of the coolest things I've found.  Love it.  Would like to paint the edges back white, scuff and put a nice pc. of glass on it.
I'll show the results, going to take some elbow scraping the rust. and the sign is really in there so I can't take it off. : (
Enjoy your projects!