Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sorry was having a problem with uploading pics for a while there.  So glad to be able to share some of the awesome pieces I've been painting and selling.
Loving the two tone items that I've been seeing, so decided to try one myself. 
Ahhh, paint, got to love it!!
Very cute cottage table and chairs.  I bought the chairs a while back, and found this table recently.  Great marriage, I think!
Speaking of marriage my husband has been really getting in to this lately and I love it.  He just got some really awesome industrial stuff from a job (he really has a good eye).
Is this great or what.  I wish I had a place to put it.  A store counter, island.  Oh man!
Anyway, it is great to be back blogging.  I thought I was going to have to stop.  I quite enjoy sharing (not that anyone is following).  Just hope that a few people see my neat projects.  I LOVE doing it!!
Enjoy you day!

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