Monday, January 13, 2014

Started pinterest and stopped blogging...

Of course anything new is addicting.  I started pinning and man...I do love it, but I'm noticing some of my favorite ones go to a blog.  They can do both so can't I?  So here I am back at it hoping people will follow my painting and creating love.
Here is a piece we found while at the land.  A nice little church shop.  Even my hubby wanted me to go back and get it.  He fixed some very decorative work on one of the legs.  A great job....I've got him hooked!
This two toned dresser I love.  My hubby and son thought I was crazy, but they came around.

Saw this footlocker at an estate sale...first thought legs.  Sean put them on shined it up.  It's already sold!  Yaaa!  Love doing this!
Well enjoy your day.

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  1. Hi there Leeanne, just wanted to comment on how much I love the pieces you (and hubby) have done! What I enjoy the most is how you experiment with different (& new) styles, color, painting techniques, etc. and still manage to hold onto the natural beauty of each piece that you've encountered. Truly defines "old and new"! Again, I love your blog and look forward to seeing more. Have a great day!